‘Most heavy metal wedding ever’: Bride and groom exchange guitars, not rings

Posted on January 11st, 2023.

It struck an emotional chord.

A head-banging bride and groom found a way to amp up their “most heavy metal wedding ever” — by exchanging electric guitars instead of “crappy” rings.

Unblushing bride Madi Danger and her hardcore groom, Jay Aspen, said that they wanted to avoid tired old traditions on their big day. Instead, they aimed for something “less stressful and more personal” when they tied the knot on December 16 in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

The flamboyant couple, both 26, were high school sweethearts and dated for nearly nine years while bonding over their love of heavy metal music.

“It was really fun because the guitars had been hidden for so long — like when the groom can’t see the bride,” Danger said with a laugh. “Only a few people knew about it so some people were shocked and then they were excited about it.”

The idea to exchange guitars first came about as a joke — but they manifested it into reality.

“One day we were talking about what guitars we wanted and we were looking on Gibson’s website at the Explorers,” explained Danger. “I joked about us exchanging those at our wedding then we decided to do that instead.”

The ’80s-loving couple opted for guitars when they couldn’t find any vintage wedding bands they could both co-sign on.

“I really like Victorian-style rings but they’re hard to find and the ones we saw looked really cheap and awful,” said Danger. “Jay didn’t want to buy me a crappy ring and he doesn’t like wearing rings anyway.”

The high school sweethearts — who walked down the aisle to Ozzy Osbourne’s rock anthem “Mr. Crowley” — wed in a suitably spooky, Gothic-style Trinity United Methodist Church. The later took off for the reception in Danger’s own retro black hearse. (Yep, she bought it in 2021 for $8,500 from a funeral director — complete with “6FTUNDER” vanity plates.)

“We had it in a very cool gothic revival church with amazing stonework and stain glass. It’s gorgeous,” gushed Danger. “We waited three months for the reverend to get back in the country to get married there.”

It was well worth the, uh, tuning period.

“It was really fun because the guitars had been hidden for so long. Like when the groom can’t see the bride,” said the blushing bride. “Only a few people knew about it so some people were shocked and then they were excited about it.”

The couple’s wedding had several more metal and gothic influences — right down to the wedding video.

“A lot of people thought the wedding was actually filmed in the ’80s,” said Danger with a laugh. “I zoomed in a lot on the video so the quality will have made them think it was shot back then too.”

In the resulting, MTV-worthy clip, Danger can be seen rocking a big ’80s-style hairstyle in a vintage white dress snagged for $120 on eBay, while her new husband sports a black suit and red tie.

Reverend Ruth Marsh can also be heard declaring the smiling couple are “individual notes becoming one beautiful chord,” before they exchanged instruments and vows. BTW: The two classic axes that now bind them in legal matrimony cost about $2,500 each.

The newlyweds capped the nutty nuptials by blasting the goth 1989 classic “Lovesong” by the Cure— and driving to the reception in Danger’s aforementioned hearse, complete with a fake coffin (co-made with her Grandma!) and “Just Married” scrawled on the back.

However, Danger and Aspen were just getting the party started.

At the reception, the couple had a cake — which was, of course, cut with a dagger — that also turned the guest’s lips, tongue and teeth black.

“We weren’t going to have a cake but my grandma got a black one with red roses,” said Danger. “I cut it with a fancy ornate dagger because I didn’t want to cut it with a knife.”

Source: NY Post 

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